“Living Legendz” Telling OUR STORY, RECORDING OUR PATH” l Filmmaker, Nicholle La Vann

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      Filmmaker, Nicholle La Vann

 “Living Legendz” Telling OUR STORY, RECORDING OUR PATH”

 March 30, 2013      10pm ET  LIVE and CALL-In


                      “They came to Change a Nation and Lift Up A People”

                                   The Women of the Black Power Movement

 ABOUT ” Living Legendz” and Award-Winning Filmmaker, Nicholle La Vann


“Living Legendz” is documentary that highlights the lives of Abiodun Oyewole, Dr. Leonard Jeffries and Jamal Joseph and their contributions to their community and culture.

“Living Legendz”  The documentary series explores the lives of African and Latino American icons. So much of Black and Latino history has been lost or not documented leaving others to tell our stories.

The filmmaker, Nicholle La Vann, says, ” It is my responsibility to be that keeper of our history and provide a platform where their lives and accomplishments can be heard.”

La Vann is a an award winning filmmaker with a Master of Fine Arts from the City University of New York in Media Arts Production. As an artist of visual culture, Nicholle is interested in the intersection between the digital environment and media social issues. As a video artist, she focuses on the impact of injustice and youth development while integrating related factors such as poverty. Nicholle’s interest continues to be in the area of facilitating dialogues between people. Which mean challenging existing assumptions as well as searching for new ways of addressing current issues.  La Vann continues to give back through teaching documentary workshops in New York City and Toronto and screenings that provide feedback discussions with audiences.

She is a warrior storyteller with a modern day weapon. Recording the best of our aspirations in the 21st Century.

She notes that, “Too much emphasis has been put on our appearance and not enough on our mindset.  It is my goal to inspire audiences of all races with a special interest on my own. The amount of knowledge that children learn in school is not always accurate nor true, depending on where the source comes from.”

Living Legendz is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Living Legendz must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Your contributions in support of this project are appreciated.


about Filmdress Filmz

 Filmstress Filmz is a creative multimedia production company specializing in social marketing.  We work with an array of agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations, and government agencies to build and educate cause marketing campaigns through a wide range of video productions. Our  work includes Public Service Announcements (PSAs), documentary shorts, music videos and internet streaming video.  Our projects address social issues rarely heard in mainstream media. We offer broadcast quality media for television, community screenings, fundraisers, presentations, conferences, film festivals and workshops. 

Join us in this conversation with Filmmater, Nicholle La Van about  this important recording of our history and storyteller, a  contemporary warrior in Black History.

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When Scandal Haters and Fans Take It Too Damn Far

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I love the show Scandal. I have loved it from the time that I saw episode 1 of season 1 on its premier night on April 5, 2012 on ABC at 10:00pm. Yes. I watched it then. It’s not a bandwagon experience…

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

Liking the show does not mean that I “like” that “Huck” was tortured or that he tortures; it does not mean that I “like” when “Fitz” is being an asshole versus loving. It does not mean that I personally “liked” when “Sally” was being tyrant—I liked that it made the discussion that being a woman doesn’t mean you’re automatically a feminist surface. I enjoy the discussions that surface, assuming that they aren’t “let’s bash the one Black woman character, anything she does and any Black woman who likes the show because we hate that Black women have something…anything that they like” type of discussions. I reject the aforementioned because people who do this are ignorant, racist/sexist, annoying, and transparent.

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White Women and White Privilege: Telling Them NO

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I wrote a post about White women and white privilege a few days ago—about how dealing with microaggressions and racism from them is often something I’m expected to ignore, and process racism as…

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No, I don’t think you’re exempt from possibly saying/doing racist things just because you have friends that are people of colour or think celebs who adopt Black children are cool.

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Why Did Kimani Gray Have to Die?

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“He was slaughtered, and I want to know why.”

Carol Gray, the mother of 16-year-old Kimani Gray, tearfully addressed reporters last week following the shooting death of her son at the hands…

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[OPINION] Rosa Clemente says the Brooklyn teenager’s killing speaks to the culture of police brutality in our communities and challenges us to stand up and fight

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We are respectable negroes: Introducing Ben Carson, the Newest Black Conservative “Political Mandingo” for The Tea Party GOP

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The "Mandingos" at these events feel special and proud. They sell themselves as articulate, smart, professionally accomplished and atypical black men. These men are "exceptional." The white couples who seek out Mandingo parties are also seeking out the exceptional negro, that "special" one, who can fulfill a fantasy. Ultimately, the personhood of these black men is irrelevant: none of the people involved are really interested in talking. What does matter is that they are black men of a particular type.

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10 Banks Foreclosing on the Most Homes

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24/7 Wall St.: The housing market is clearly improving.

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As of February, Bank of America was servicing more than 95,000 loans in foreclosure, followed by Wells Fargo, which was servicing 85,000 loans. Based on RealtyTrac’s February 2013 data,24/7 Wall St. reviewed the 10 banks foreclosing the most homes.

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This Fact About Income Inequality Will Blow Your Mind

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Another day, another mind-blowing fact about the staggering difference between the haves and the have-nots.

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

Another way to illustrate the huge disparity: the six heirs to the Walmart fortune had a net worth equivalent to the bottom 41.5 percent of Americans combined in 2010, according to an analysis from Josh Bivens at the Economic Policy Institute.

While income inequality may be great for those reaping the big bucks at the top, it’s likely hurting Americans overall. Greater income equality is correlated with stronger economic growth, according to a 2011 IMF report.

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5 Weird Habits That Make People Successful And Awesome

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Yes, we all need to heed our callings, follow our north stars, and not settle for a jobs, but pursue careers.Thing is, during anyone’s career, sometimes it gets weird–and getting weird can pay off.

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

(Warning: these practices may work for these people, but this writer takes no responsibility for the strangeness that may cause in your life. Although, as a lifelong advocate of eccentricity, I encourage you to try them on.)

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Scores of critics denounce emergency financial manager for Detroit

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Amid shouts of ‘No justice, no peace,’ the call to action was clear Saturday as speakers at Historic King Solomon Baptist Church denounced the appointment of an emergency financial manager for Detroit– and prepared for a battle.

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

The Rev. Charles Williams II, the church’s pastor and president of the Michigan chapter of the National Action Network, told more than 100 people at the church that federal intervention was needed immediately to stop emergency financial manager Kevyn Orr from taking office. Orr, a Washington D.C. bankruptcy attorney, was appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder earlier this month.

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