OUR COMMON GROUND This Week “BLACK St. Louis: Then and Now” l A Native Son Reflects l Dr. Thabiti Lewis

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“My St. Louis then and now”

Dr. Thabiti Lewis

We will talk with Dr. Lewis about his perspectives of its racial history, how and why Black people have become so marginalized and disenfranchised producing a Ferguson, MO, a suburb.

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OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham
"BLACK St. Louis: Then and Now" l A Native Son Reflects

Guest: Dr. Thabiti Lewis, Professor, Scholar and Scholar 

Race and Gender Studies, AfAm Lit
Washington State University – Van Couver
Author, " Ballers of the New School: Race and Sports in America"

Saturday, August 30, 2014 LIVE 10pm ET
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Thabiti Lewis is from St. Louis Missouri, where he grew up in West and North St. Louis. Recently in response to the brutal killing of Michael Brown he wrote an essay published by the St. Louis Post Dispatch addressing growing up in St. Louis from the perspective of his childhood and this tragic event. "My St. Louis then and now"

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How Trayvon Martin’s Death Launched a New Generation of Black Activism

A host of new groups are reviving the grassroots fight for racial equality.

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“A moment of trauma can oftentimes present you with an opportunity to do something about the situation to prevent that trauma from happening again,” said Charlene Carruthers, one the activists at the conference."

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"When Injustice Becomes Law ?"

Even in the face of great protest and apparent police brutality and murder, there remains the dead bodies of Black people, and the officials of law deny what our lying eyes show us.



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#Ferguson: An American Apartheid

“#Ferguson: An American Apartheid”   

by Goldie Taylor


“By the time my maternal grandparents arrived in 1932, my father’s family had already been in St. Louis some 35 years. Like those who migrated north, both before and after them, they found a city bu…

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"For too many, including my family, that meant living in silence with the realities of over-policing, racial profiling and red-lining, never really mounting a fight against the confines of social and economic injustice with any fervor. It meant never seeing the ballot box as a meaningful mechanism for substantive change." 

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#Ferguson: An American Apartheid


By the time my maternal grandparents arrived in 1932, my father’s family had already been in St. Louis some 35 years. Like those who migrated north, both before and after them, they found a city burgeoning with commerce, replete with manufacturing jobs, economic opportunities previously unknown to them. But they also found a city in turmoil, an increasingly diverse tapestry of settlers and immigrants in the midst of reconciling itself to its changing identity.

In 1917, there had been labor riots fueled by racial tensions just across the Mississippi River in neighboring East St. Louis, Illinois—a boomtown known for its cheap coal, slaughterhouses and aluminum production. With African Americans landing jobs with companies like American Steel and Aluminum Ore, job and wage security as well as rumors of race-mixing set off nearly two months of violence. That bloodstained offensive on black newcomers still stands as one of the…

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Ferguson Unmasks the War on Black America | Black Agenda Report

“The brave and besieged people of Ferguson, Missouri, have already caused serious complications for the U.S. National Security State.” 

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"A Force to Crush a People


White America perceived that it was at war with Black people, who no longer knew their place – and so, places of confinement were made for them; fortified dungeons to house millions. Since America tells itself and the rest of the world that it does not make war on its own citizens, and that there is a sharp and Constitutionally defined separation between the military and civilian functions of the State, the war against Black people had to be called something else – a War on Drugs, or simply a War on Crime. Therefore, it was not long before the words “crime” and “drugs” and “Black” came to mean the same thing since, really, there was only one war going on. And, it continues, still."

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The Fire This Time: America’s Truce in the Fight Against Racism Guarantees More Fergusons

Because of the persistence of racism and a relaxation of the fight against it, we are moving backwards. Ferguson is just the latest illustration.

Source: prospect.org

Bob Hebert is a wise and insightful voice in America. 

" Black people all across America, not just in Ferguson, are angry about the killing of Michael Brown. And they remain angry over the killing of Trayvon Martin. And many are seething over the fatal chokehold clamped on the throat of Eric Garner by a cop on Staten Island in New York—a cop who refused to relent even as Garner gasped, “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe.”   

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