OCG 2015-2016 Program LineUp


10 December 2016

“A Black Political Future” with Pascal Robert


03 December 2016

Yvette Carnell and Irami Osei-Frompong
Hosts, BreakingBrown.com Talk and Call-In Show


26 November 2016

In Conversation with Bruce A. Dixon, Managing Editor, The Black Agenda Report


19 November 2016

“Rebooting for a New Era of Struggle” :: Dr. James L. Turner


12 November 2016

“The Police State: Changing the Body of Law” :: OPEN MIC


30 July 2016

“A Promise to Pay: Political Debt” OCG Unfiltered Interlocutor, Pascal Robert


23 July 2016



16 July 2016

What is Freedom :: Dr. Irami Osei-Frimpong,Philosopher, The Funky Academic


10 July 2016

OCG SPECIAL: 40M Black Souls : Marginalized, Traumatized, Terrorized and Murdered


09 July 2016

BLM and Our Children :: Miriam Duchess” Harris


25 June 2016


02 July 2016

OFF AIR: Enjoy our Archived Broadcasts


25 June 2016



18 June 2016

“Wilmington on Fire” with the Filmmaker, Christopher Everett”


11 June 2016

“Gorillas Rapists Ali Trump and Clinton”


04 June 2016

“”Political Madness: Where da’ Revolution?” with ALFO


28 May 2016

“A Deadly Silence: Black Men and Boys” with Dr. Tommy J. Curry


21 May 2016

Kali Akuno, Self-Determining Community Building


14 May 2016

Working While Black with Torin Ellis


07 May 2016

“OFF Air – Enjoy our Archives”


30 April 2016



23 April 2016

“The Hot Sauce Interview: #HotSauceMatters”with Yvette Carnell, Dr. Tommy Curry and Pascal Robert


16 April 2016

“Hands Off Our Children-Field Report with Ruby N. Sales”


09 April 2016

“Truthtelling About the War on Drugs and Politics” with Matthew Fogg


02 April 2016

OPEN MIC: Charter Schools and 3rd Party Politics


26 March 2016

“#Feeling the Bern with Sanders Spokesperson, Nina Turner


19 March 2016

“”FlashBLACK: AmeriKKKa Making It Clear Again” :: OPEN MIC SATURDAY NIGHT, Pascal Robert, Co-Hosting


12 March 2016

“Hands OFF Our Children” with Ruby N. Sales


27 February 2016

OPEN MIC Saturday Night


20 February 2016

“Knocking the Hustle” with Dr. Lester Spence”


07 February 2016

“Bey and the Fishnet Revolution”


30 January 2016

“Fixing OUR Politics: Bakerizing”


23 January 2016

“Flint: Crimes Against Citizens”


02 January 2016

“While We Slept: 1, 126 in 2015” with Dr. Ruby N. Sales


26 December 2015

OCG Annual Kwanzaa Teach-In “The N’Guzo Saba”


19 December 2015

“DEBT as ECONOMIC OPPRESSION” with Harrine E. Freeman


12 December 2015

“Terrorism and Revolt: Connecting the Dots” ll A Conversation on Amerikka with THOUGHT MERCHANT, Pascal Robert


28 November 2015

Gratitude Turns What We Have Into ENOUGH
Off Air for the Holiday Weekend


21 November 2015

“Modern Day Slavery” Dr. Vernellia Randall, Emeritus Law Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan ll REBROADCAST of May 5, 2012 LIVE DISCUSSION

14 November 2015

“Racial Coding and Profiling in American Politics” Dr. Vincent Hutchings, Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan ll REBROADCAST of August 6, 2011 LIVE DISCUSSION

07 November 2015

“Trusting Black Women: Building Sustainable Respect”with Loretta J. Ross

31 October 2015

“Demanding Justice and Dignity for OUR Children” with Zakiya Sankara-Jabar


27 October 2015

“Bearing Witness: Resistance and Rebellion with Dr. Ruy N. Sales”

27 October 2015

“Bearing Witness: Resistance and Rebellion with Dr. Ruy N. Sales”

17 October 2015

“In Conversation with Yvette Carnell, BreakingBrown.com ”

10 October 2015

“In Conversation with Dr. Tommy J. Curry ”

03 October 2015


26 September 2015

“Global White Supremacy: Baltimore to Palestine ll Dr. Ruby Sales, Co-Host”

o5 September 2015

“The Flames of Liberation: Resistance and Rebellion”
Talk that Matters