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Study of  Black males  must be beyond stereotypes that have been established since African slaves arrived on these shores. With only one department of Black Male Studies in the world (in Scotland), The Institute for Black Male Studies offers everyone a chance to experience the field. Black Male Studies can be used multi-disciplinarily to analyze film, art, dance, socio-economics, literature, politics, social behavior (e.g. marriage, family, socialization, etc.), and many more areas across a wide variety of contexts. The Institute for Black Male Studies is the only of its type in the USA.

What exactly is “Black Masculinism” and how does it figure in rearing, living with, protecting and loving Black men and boys?

ABOUT Dr. T. Hasan Johnson

Dr. T. Hasan Johnson is an Associate Professor of Africana Studies at California State University, Fresno. He earned his doctorate at Claremont Graduate University, his M.A. at Temple University, and his B.A. at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He founded numerous Fresno State programs including the Africana Studies Online Teleconference on Black Male Studies, the ONYX Black Male Film Festival, The Black Popular Culture Lecture Series and Online Research Archive (curator), The ONYX Black Male Collective, The Annual ASHÉ: Sankofa Black Film Festival, The Annual Africana Studies Black Gender Conference, The African American Edge Initiative (co-founder), the Africana Studies Black Elder Project, and The Hip-Hop Research & Interview Project.

He is the developer of the concept of “Black Masculinism” and frequently publishes on anti-Black misandry, anti-Black male heterophobia, intra-racial misandry, and White supremacy. His first book, You Must Learn!: A Primer for the Study of Hip-Hop (2012), examines the socio-political histories that contribute to the development of Hip-Hop culture and creates new theoretical frameworks for understanding its development.

His forthcoming book, preliminarily titled, “She Hate Me: A Case for Black Masculinism, Black Male Studies”, and “A New Paradigm for Studying Black Males”, focuses on creating a new paradigm for studying Black males that challenges widely accepted stereotypes regarding Black males with contemporary data and new conceptual theory.

Dr. Johnson has made contributions to esteemed journals such as The International Journal of Africana Studies, Spectrum: A Journal for Black Men, and books such as Jay-Z: Essays on Hip Hop’s Philosopher King, Icons of Hip-Hop, and Dropping Knowledge: Hip-Hop Pedagogy in the Academy. He also created his own academic blog at: http://www.NewBlackMasculinities.wordpress.com. He was conferred both the Provost’s Award for Promising New Faculty and the Inaugural Fresno State Talks! Lecture Series Award in 2013 and was awarded the prestigious Ford Dissertation Diversity Fellowship in 2006.

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