A Few Thoughts About Being on the Witness Stand and Rachel Jaentel

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A few thoughts on Trayvon Martin’s friend Rachel Jaentel… The minute that sister took the stand, jokes were flying around twitter about her looks and her weight… People were going in and saying…

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Davey D Keeps it Deep . . .

"Like so many of us who come from the community, we are expected to suck it up, not cry and see the violent passing of love ones as some sort of truth about how tough we are and how tough are respective hoods are.. We ain’t supposed to need counseling, therapy or any sort of comforting to help get our mind right.."

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Your black ain’t like mine: A light girl’s thoughts on ‘Dark Girls’

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OPINION – Sometimes, us light-skinned girls need to be secure enough in our own blackness to simply listen…

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Writing for Clutch Magazine, Dr. Yaba Blay eloquently states:

Some light-skinned women feel overlooked, their experiences seldom recognized as if their lightness somehow protects them from any pain. But if any of them dare say so, they are quickly and effectively dismissed if not silenced. Brown-skinned sisters who aren’t so light but aren’t that dark are somehow made to reflect on their own skin color as much lighter or much darker than it actually is, just so they can be a part of the conversation. Either that or they watch from the sidelines and remind us every now and again that we continue to push them to the sidelines.


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Philly Closes 23 Public Schools, Generously Builds $400 Million Prison Where Kids Can Hang Instead

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Priorities are out of whack in Pennsylvania.

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But it’s not like Pennsylvania does not have the money to fill the debt. Rather,  PA’s GOP-controlled Houseof  Representatives recently passed a tax break for corporations that will cost the state an estimated $600 million to $800 million annually.

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Saying Grace: Paula Deen, Progressives, and Race

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Yet, here is the reality: Deen told the truth about her past. Knowing everything: her empire, her contracts, and sponsorships were at stake–she told the truth. She was more honest under oath than at least 3 US Presidents, several dozen Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and Non-Denominational preachers and countless business leaders. Unlike the Pope, Joe Paterno, or Donald Trump, she acknowledged she hadn’t always gotten it right but that she and her company was committed to doing it better and were doing better.

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About Maria Dixon, MDiv, PhD
An academic, consultant, and theologian that believes that strategic communication is at the heart of every successful endeavor!

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George Zimmerman’s Trial Begins, with a Knock-Knock Joke

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The case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman has always combined tragedy and oddity.

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At the end of this first week of trial, we should be ashamed to call it American jurisprudence.

"But the proceedings never entirely managed to escape the sideshow atmosphere that they have engendered. Toward the end of the day, there was a dispute over whether Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, should be banned from the courtroom for allegedly calling a Zimmerman supporter a “motherfucker” outside a court restroom. The exchange insured that the proceedings were profane and absurd in equal measure, which, in this case, is probably a more apt combination than anyone would like to admit."

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In Sanford, Fla., Zimmerman trial keeps a shaken community on edge

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The Trayvon Martin shooting rocked Sanford, Fla., to its core. And with the murder trial of George Zimmerman now underway, the city is unnerved by the attention and fearful about the outcome.

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"In its stead, a palpable racial tension arose that lingers on these brick-laid streets more than a year after civil rights groups and the New Black Panthers crowded the riverwalk to protest the Sanford Police Department’s original decision not to arrest Trayvon’s killer, a local neighborhood watch captain named George Zimmerman. "

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Dark-skinned and plus-sized: The real Rachel Jeantel story

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Painting Rachel Jeantel as “combative” is a classic way to discredit the validity of black women’s traumas

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For all the critics of this young woman and find her limitations and demeanor uncomfortable, here is the bottom line of your criticism in case you are lost in finding it. If you find her wanting, look inward.  She attends the schools that you finance, she is being bullied in a system of jurisprudence that you pay for. She is you . . . and you kinda’ hate that don’t you ? 


Janice Graham, host, OUR COMMON GRAHAM

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