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 October, 2010

October 9  Black Suicide: The New Realities

October 2  Single Mothers Keeping Black Boys Safe

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OCG Program Schedule and Line Up Show Archives
2009 Program Schedule

September, 2009
☥Sept 25

India DeClair, The India DeClair Show
☥ Sept 24

Danielle Sweat, author, “Pillow Talk . . .shhh”

☥ Sept 18

Leslie and Andrew Cockburn, the film “American Casino”

☥ Sept 17

Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, ‘Why Tyler Perry Matters, Why Be Concerned”

☥ Sept 15

Kevin Alexander Gray, South Carolina Activist , Organizer and Political Writer

☥ Sept 14

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, The Old South Rising

☥ Sept 9 -10
US Healthcare Reform Discourse and Debate

☥ Sept 8

Judge James Gray, LEAP, damages of the War on Drugs

☥ Sept 1

Dr.Myriam Miedizina, Teen Perpertrators of Sexual Assault and Rape

August, 2009

☥ Aug 31

Hilary Shelton, Director National Bureau, NAACP
☥ Aug 27

Dr. Quintard Taylor, Blackpast.org

☥ Aug 24

Wendell Potter, Media and Democracy Senior Fellow, Insurance Industry Lies
☥ Aug 25

Geraldine Hughes, author Redemption-Michael J and molestation

☥ Aug 17

Frank Cerabino, columnist, Palm Beach Post newspaper; imprisoned rapper

☥ Aug14

Ramona Africa, MOVE

☥Aug 11

Frank Schaeffer, Crazy of God; Bernard White, WBAI in Exile

☥ Aug 10

Audrey Wiggins, Lawyers’ Committee for CR, Employment Credit Checks

☥ Aug 5

Dr. Duchess Harris, Author, “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Clinton”

☥ Aug 4

Dr. Antwi Akom, Race in the context of racial profiling

July , 2009

☥ July 27/28

Jeff Sharlet, Author, The Family and expert on C-Street cult

☥ July 24

Ben Carnes, Free Peliter Committee: Origianal People’s Resistance
☥ July 23

Equal Justice: The Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law

☥ July 22

Lost Found Nation of Islam, Reparations Emanicpation Town Mtg-Detroit

☥ July 21

The Angry Black Bitch blog, Shark Fu

☥ July 17

Nicole Dawson, Black Folk Think ! and Jennifer McLune, Celie’s Revenge

☥ July 9

Matt Taibbi, Author and Journalist, Rolling Stone Magazine

Dan Levinthal, OpenSecrets.org

☥ July 8

Catrice Jackson and Dr. Raymond Winbush, Black Love Talk Conference Call

☥ July 7

Final Farewell, Michael Jackson

☥ July 6

Jill Nelson, Author, Journalist and Political Commentator

☥ July 2

Catrice Jackson, Life Transformation Strategist
June, 2009

☥ June 25

Nadra Enzi, Fighting Terror in the Black Community

☥ June 23

Human Rights and Reparations Town Hall Meeting, Wash DC

☥ June 22

Dr. Raymond Winbush, Morgan State Professor and Author, “Should America Pay” ; ” Belinda’s Petition” and “The Warrior Method”

☥ June 18

The Haiti Support Project, Dr. Ron Daniels, co-hosting ☥ June 17 “Black America’s Daddy Dilemma”

☥ June 16

Jelani Cobb, Professor Spellman College,editor of “The Essential Harold Cruse: A Reader”

☥ June 15

David Neiwart, Author, “The Eliminastionist: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right”, founder, Crooks and Liars blog

☥ June 11

Jeff Kisseloff, Archivist and Director, The History Project, The Nation Magazine

☥ June 10

Dr. Thabiti Lewis, Professor and Author;”Ballers of the New School; Race and Sports in American Culture”

☥ June 9

Bob Davis, CEO and Founder, Soul-Patrol.com

☥ June 4

Professor Pierce Freelon, Black Music and Political Movements; member,The Beast

☥ June 2

Jimmy Myers, Award winning Boston Sportscaster: The Intersection of Race Sports;

☥ June 1

Kali Akun – U.s. Human Rights Commission, Housing assistance crisis in NOLA
MAY 2009

May, 2009

May 18, 2009 – Dr. Mark Anthony Neal, Black male feminist, Scholar, Author

May 19, 2009 – Dr. David Ikard, Black male feminist, Scholar, Author

May 20, 2009 – Major Neill Franklin and Jamal Ali – Activists

May 21, 2009 – Byron Hurt, Anti-Sexist Activist, Filmmaker, and Author

☥ May 28

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Author, Psychoanalyst, White Supremacy expert