About Janice Graham

About Janice Graham

Janice Graham is Executive Producer and Host of OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham  

  Janice has blazed a successful and diverse career which span over 40 years.  Janice  is the former CEO and President of the Peak Performance Group, Inc., a Boston based management performance consulting practice which primarily specializes in non-profit, political and social service policy implementation and strategic planning and measurement. She is a former senior management executive  at Wang Laboratories, Raytheon Company, Teradyne Company, INA Corporation and the Polaroid Corporation.

Her broadcast career began in 1985 after she was drafted to host the local broadcast of  a 24-hour  nation-wide membership recruitment  for the NAACP in West Palm Beach, FL. Within one week, OUR COMMON GROUND sepped the microphone at WPOM-AM (1600).

She is an articulate, bright and radiating personality knows the art of drawing-in, activating and energizing both guests and audience.  Her legal and business training, training in organizational planning and experience in people engagement shines through in her broadcast presence. 

She has, ” A lyrical voice that blends with a razor-sharp analysis and friendly forthrightness”, wrote the Sun Sentinel in 1991 (Ft. Lauderdale, FL.).

Lee Ivory, the late founder and Editor of the Palm Beach Gazette describes her in this way, ” Janice Graham and her OUR COMMON GROUND talk show provide hope, courage and education to people who otherwise might give up on growing and struggling for a better understanding of the world beyond their lives. Her smooth, patient, yet, challenging style sets this show apart. Her listeners believe her when she greets them with, I Respect You.’ OUR COMMON GROUND was the respect yourself headquarters of Palm Beach County and that is why she is the considered the General of the Strategic Air Force. A militia of ideas made up of the thousands of people who listen to her everyday”.

Murray Green, Vice President and General Manger of WFLX-TV ( the FOX affiliate in West Palm Beach, FL) says that she is ,  “A talented producer and an outstanding interviewer . . . a pleasure to work with . . .touches subject matter and topics of serious concern with a friendliness that audiences love. We were fortunate to be the home of the OCG-The TV Show”.

Her political views and cultural commentary have appeared in Radio /TV , Talkers, Emerge, Harper’s and Emerge magazines.

Her radio journalism,” The OUR COMMON GROUND® COMMENTARY ” was carried as a weekly column in the Palm Beach  and the Broward Gazettes. Her show was lauded by the Palm Beach Post, Miami Herald, the Miami Times (FL) and the Amsterdam News ( New York) newspaper.

Janice brings an invigoration to serious dialogue and leads an audience naturally into the world of talk radio. The listening audience is captivated by her charming, multi-faceted presence and serious approach to community radio and the subject of race in America.  She speaks Truth without bitterness but in a genuine, well-earned  outrage. She creates and retains her OUR COMMON GROUND family; and they always come back broadcast after broadcast.

She was one of three African-American women to host a daily talk show discussing political and current events in the nation in the 80s as when she began her radio career. She shares a broadcast debut date and time with Oprah Winfrey. In her market, that day, she beat Oprah out.

OUR COMMON GROUND journeys far beyond the rhetoric of problems, fueling energy of SOLUTIONS. OUR COMMON GROUND smart and insightful people radio . . . refining and finishing the genius within.

She will be listening for you.