Slaves Be Gone: You Are Your Solution. : Slave to the job. Told what you will earn, what to wear, when to eat, when to arrive, when to leave and what to do. Slave to the church, not to God. Told what to think, what to believe, how to worship, what God said and what you should do to advance man’s plans and agendas. Slave to the government, counting on them to take care of you, rescue you and do what is right to help you. Have we learned nothing from the water in Flint and the broken levies in New Orleans? Slaves wait on others to do for them the very things they should be doing for themselves.

This article is written to liberate your mind, to build your independence and to reaffirm how capable you are – even though you may not know it. It is easier to let people think and make decisions for you – but not better. It is easier to receive free stuff from government entitlement programs until you wake up and 2016-Slave-Mentality-modern_slavery_humansrealize there is a catch and nothing in life is free. The catch is the surrender of your independence and that is a heavy price to pay because you may never get it back.

We should be creating independent thinkers, not reproducing slaves. Back in the days of official slavery, when people talked like this, one of two things happened. Either they were shunned and exposed to the master by the very slaves they were trying to help. Or those with a mindset that rejected mental and physical slavery were looked to as leaders. But all the while they should have been looked to as examples that waking up, rising up and stepping up to be free was very possible.

Today African American slaves think the same way they thought back then. Waiting o someone to define our worth, help us, save us and rescue us. You don’t think so? Look at the videos of people crying tears of joy when Obama became President. I heard so many people make statements like “he is one of us” or “now somebody will finally help us”. But guess what, though President Obama did accomplish many things, he was not the help that African Americans thought he would be. Do you know why? Because he was never supposed to be. The power to change your life has always been in your hands, not in the hands of any President, pastor, activist leader or corporation. You just have to wake up and realize that is true.

If you have never seen the movie The Last Dragon, you should watch it. Bruce Leroy is seeking answers and looking for the master of his destiny. In a fight against another martial artist feared by many, Bruce Leroy is being beaten badly by Shonuff. Just before Bruce Leroy is drowned, Shonuff asks him “who is the master“. Bruce Leroy finally wakes up and says “I Am“. The leader he has sought was always within and realization of that as a fact elevates him to the level he needed to reach. So I ask you, when you look in the mirror, who and what do you see? You don’t have to change anyone’s life but yours and then watch everything else change around and for you. But if you wait on others to do it for you, your purpose and potential will never be fulfilled.

In order to rise to the next level, you must do it mentally before you can ever make it manifest externally. The Monks of Tibet know this. The Apache Indians knew this. The top tribes of Nigeria like thee Igbo know this. The Pharaohs and Kings of Egypt knew this. Those who rule over you and others know this. Creflo Dollar knows this. Donald Trump knows this. Hillary Clinton knows this. I know this. But what do you know?

It’s time to stop allowing yourself to be a slave. it’s time to stop thinking and acting like one. It’s time to put away mediocrity and reset both your goals and your expectations of yourself. It’s time to change your life instead of waiting on someone else to “change your world” Ironically President Obama said we all would have to participate, but most of you only heard “Obama will save us” because that is what you wanted or needed to hear. But now it’s time to wake up.

Maybe it’s comfortable being a slave, but it’s not beneficial. I would even go out on a limb and say most African Americans are democrats because they expect and count on the Democrat party to take care of them. Others are Democrats because they inherited the political party of their slave masters, particularly in the south. Who doesn’t like free stuff? But again, there is a catch. So I can tell them where to stick their “free” stuff and the catches that come with it.

It amazes me how the African American slaves of today will fight to stay slaves and under someone else’s control. Slaves don’t want to think because they would rather have someone else do it for them. Slaves then murmur and complain all the way back to the barn but never break free of the chains that bind them. Are you a slave or do you know someone who is one? Why stay a slave? Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery on paper only and then slavery went completely covert, hitech, judicial, political and corporate. The music industry promotes it with behavior and lyrics that degrade our people and saggin pants confirm it.

I guess I could say a slave is not as bad as a zombie. But I would rather say DO NOT BE A SLAVE ANYMORE. If you let anyone else but you determine your destiny, you are under their power and control – and that is a form of slavery. The Catholic church has billions of slaves. The Nation of Islam has thousands of slaves who dress, speak, think and do as they say, when they say. Even the famed Christian religion (a counterfeit for the real thing) is ruled by man and T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland have millions of slaves. I find it humorous that millions of women who followed a biblical doctrine that says they are free would not know they are free until Bishop Jakes wrote a book or spoke in a conference. That is slavery. Are you offended? Well at least you are awake and that is a start.

Thanks to our local, state and federal government, the only thing you actually own is your thoughts, the liberty of your mind and your destiny. Don’t trust anyone else with these things. They are too important. Have we made progress? Yes, of course. Have we made enough progress beginning with the liberation of our minds? Not nearly enough. People often talk about “back in the days of slavery“, but I submit to you that those days were just yesterday, today and unfortunately tomorrow. Wake up!

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony