“I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr.

“I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr.



Harry Belafonte speaks on last conversation between him and MLK.


Midway through the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. realized that the struggle for integration would ultimately become a struggle for economic rights. I remember the last time we were together, at my home, shortly before he was murdered. He seemed quite agitated and preoccupied, and I asked him what the problem was. “I’ve come upon something that disturbs me deeply,” he said. “We have fought hard and long for integration, as I believe we should have, and I know that we will win. But I’ve come to believe we’re integrating into a burning house.”

That statement took me aback. It was the last thing I would have expected to hear, considering the nature of our struggle, and I asked him what he meant. “I’m afraid that America may be losing what moral vision she may have had,” he answered. “And I’m afraid that even as we integrate, we are walking into a place that does not understand that this nation needs to be deeply concerned with the plight of the poor and disenfranchised. Until we commit ourselves to ensuring that the underclass is given justice and opportunity, we will continue to perpetuate the anger and violence that tears at the soul of this nation.”

“I fear, I am integrating my people into a burning house.”

~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

Dr. King said the above statement to Harry Belafonte in a conversation they had before his death. Belafonte startled at the statement said to him “What should we do?” Dr. King told him that we “Become the firemen, Let us not stand by and let the house burn.”

On the flip side of that, you have a speech by Malcolm X. It was entitled “The House Negro and the Field Negro.” He spoke about how the House Negro loved the Master more than he loved himself. And that if the Masters house caught on fire, the House Negro would try to put the fire out. On the other hand you have the Field Negro. The Field Negro hated the master and despised his very existence. If the Master’s house were to catch on fire, the Field Negro would pray for a strong wind to come along.

Here you have two black thoughts that are on opposite sides of the spectrum. The feelings are as true today as they were when both these statements were proclaimed in the mid 60’s.

What are your thoughts on this?

How can one fight for something they don’t believe in?


Why would someone fight for something they believe will ultimately destroy the people they are supposedly fighting for?


3 thoughts on ““I Fear I May Have Integrated My People Into a Burning House” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. I totally agree with “burning house” statement and of the field negro mindset of praying for winds. If we are to see America through the lens of the bible, then as written it is a true fact that this place is reserved for fire and doomed for destruction and wholly wasted. It is great to know that the shells of high rise buildings will be a playground for the beast of the fields and animals of all sorts.

    MLK Sr., Marcus Garvey and others were men about following God’s way whereas MLK Jr. wanted nothing to do with the commandments of the Most High and wanted to forge his own path. In fact, a bible passage is about MLK Jr. One could read in Jeremiah 23 verses 1 and 2 for context, and then read verses 20 to 36. This is about MLK Jr. the only one of the latter day in which we all know and talk about even 48 years later with streets and statues in his name but not major change for our people of the ghetto. The KKK only moved to corporate, congress and leading positions in every sect of society. We are still targeted and hated. I pray Judah, Issachar, Ephraim, Gad and Naphtali realize who they are before the terrorists hit and then those missiles come as prophesied.

    • Remember who Beat the bible and its Christianity into your ancestors. You keep on praying to the same Jesus they introduced their slaves to hundreds of years ago. smdh

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