Black Folks, It’s Time To Stop Taking Care Of White People

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We are, most of us, grieving Trayvon Martin’s death, again, after this absurd jury verdict. Last night, I watched Anderson Cooper’s ‘Town Hall on Race and Justice in America’. These discussions are interesting.

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

When are we going to have a ‘town hall on racism’ that addresses how a jury of women, predominantly white women (and mothers!), don’t identify with a black child? I need to know how that happened. I need to understand that. And I want white people to explain it to me. Before someone starts railing about the laws, understand that I read the law. I watched the trial EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY, beginning with jury selection, all of it. I decided I would bear witness for Trayvon no matter how I had to restructure my day. And I did it while reading the law.

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