Marissa Alexander’s 20-years mandatory prison sentence, where’s the damn community outrage?

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by Charles S. Mombo Marissa Alexander’s 20-years mandatory prison sentence, where’s the damn community outrage? It has been over four months since a Florida judge sentenced Marissa Alexander to 20-years in prison.

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

We say we care about justice. You say we are strong and in the fight until it prevails.  “Do we? Really ??”  I join Chocolate City in asking what happened to our outrage ? Where is the Black Power ?”Have we just walked away from Marissa because it wasn’t on MSNBC and move on to something else more distant ?”  Because she is a woman ? Because what ? Just asking. That’s all.

Janice Graham

OUR COMMON GROUND Media & Communications

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Listen to OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham LIVE Interview with Marissa Alexander just following her sentencing.

One thought on “Marissa Alexander’s 20-years mandatory prison sentence, where’s the damn community outrage?

  1. I believe you’re right, Janice. Marissa’s case doesn’t have enough NBC News hype, it isn’t ‘exciting’ enough, no one is dead – except Marissa’s life – so no one truly gives a ****. However the same thing happens to one of these fools tomorrow, they’ll be all about wanting people to get behind them and ‘free them!’ They better pray hard that it doesn’t. Because this Obama administration will have no sympathy on them at all, and would go so far as to bury them further under the jail. He didn’t even try to save Troy Anthony Davis. He made some lame statement that if he’d had a son, he’d have been like Trayvon Martin, & that was the end of that. And he’s now telling “all Negroes (!) to “stop whining,” and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps, even if we do not have any. There have been no statements whatever about the Malcolm X Grassroots statement that says: Every 28 hours a Black person is killed by a cop, or security, or some want to be vigilante. In conclusion, I would suggest that people recognize that the The Obama Drama Trauma is a tragedy that we must fight, survive, live through and win our Freedom. No one is going to hand it to us on a plate. It is ours, it was stolen, we need to take it back, so that cases like this stop occurring. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

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