A New Years Pledge for the Conscious Black Community


A New Years Pledge for the Conscious Black Community

Over the years many of us have made countless new year’s resolutions that we sometimes kept for a few months, a few days and in some cases a matter of minutes. We can surely agree that many of us have 
fell short on keeping most individual resolutions but also have fallen far short on our collective new year’s initiatives that otherwise may have had a positive impact on our community and therefore our people had we been able to exhibit more discipline.
Well, one thing about life here on the physical plane….as long as we are alive…we have another chance to try again.
So as a member of the conscious community we would like to ask all of our brothers and sisters, young and old, who have the strength, the heart and the conviction…
To join us in making a pledge, that this time we will keep……That we must keep… in order for ourselves, our children as well as the many generations to come to survive in this ongoing battle we find ourselves in….OUR SURVIVAL!
January 1st 2013
I (We) make a pledge, to ourselves and to our people, that from this day, January 1st 2013 forward, I (We) will engage in dialog, conversation and planning….. whether it be in Church, the Masjid, in organizations, family gatherings or community functions….regarding what I (We) can do to promote, organize and initiate Self Determination for ourselves and for our people.
Let us further our pledge to:
Teach and developing our youth first and foremost, “Ourselves”
Organize and open progressive, “Afrikan Centered” educational centers for our youth.
Organize and establish an Afrikan centered Educational master model for Black Communities that can be duplicated where and when necessary across the country.
Organize, develop and support black businesses to provide our basic necessities that we now purchase from everyone else.
Organize and establish buy Black educational programs throughout our Black communities.
Organize and establish an Afrikan centered Economic master model for Black Communities that can be duplicated where and when necessary across the country.
Identify, groom, fund and then hold accountable Black political representation for our communities and people.
Organize and establish an Afrikan centered Political master model for Black Communities that can be duplicated where and when necessary across the country.
End the violence and exploitation of Black women (Queens)
Organize motherhood and fatherhood development classes for our people in Black communities.
Organize Eldership development classes for our Elders in Black communities.
Establish Afrikan centered Community Security teams for our community that can be duplicated across the country.
Establish Afrikan centered Rites of Passage models for young black men and women that can be duplicated across the country.
Develop and maintain credible and reasonable organic and natural food sources that we control for our communities.
Organize to elevate the fight for the freedom of all political prisoners being presently held throughout u.s. prisons.
Organize to up root the present and growing system of the Prison Industrial Complex.
Organize our youth our community and our people to re-connect with our brothers and sisters and the struggles in Afrika our Motherland. Our struggle and ultimate liberation is a global one…..we must not let them fool us or our children into thinking otherwise.
Teach and develop our youth first and foremost, “Ourselves” No one else can or will do it like the best of us.
Does this sound like too much to do??
To our leaders
Those of us who find ourselves in the various positions of leadership, be it in our families, in education, in the political realm and those who lead community organizations must now teach self determination. We should not rest or lose focus or continue to be side tracked from the ultimate mission at hand. That is the very same mission that we can see very clearly taking place in all other progressive communities across the country.
Organizing Self,
Educating Self,
Establishing Businesses for Self,
Patronizing Self, Building for Self
and Protecting Self!
This must now again become the rally cry of all credible leadership who truly is operating in our behalf.
A People at the Crossroads.
To the right towards self reliance, dignity and self determination. To the left, our continued dependence on politicians, the corporate structure, schools who mis-educate our children and every other group providing employment, businesses and services to our people …..
In the latter direction lies the destruction of those who would once be the greatest peoples on earth……
We now have another opportunity
We must make a choice……
What will we do??
No time to waste…
Push the card towards the leadership in your group, requesting that policies and practices of your group move in the direction of OUR self determination as a people. If it is found that the present leadership of your group or organization does not or will not move in this direction, the direction that is most feasible for the survival of our communities and the future of our people, then you and the constituency of your group should move to replace that leadership with a progressive leadership that believes in promoting self determination. If that is not deemed possible then you and all self respecting, progressive members should leave that group or organization for a more suitable one and or start your own progressive, liberation oriented group.
Our lives and the lives of the future generations rely on our next move.
May we all have a safe, healthy, productive and most of all revolutionary new year..
In Peace and in Struggle

The Brothers of STEP Inc. http://www.steptothefuture.org/index.html Step Inc: