The Boston Bombing: A Reader l Rhetoric Race and Religion

 The Boston Bombing: A Reader

On April 15, 2013 around 3:00pm EST, two explosions rocked participants and onlookers at the Boston Marathon. We here at Rhetoric Race and Religion are collecting posts that focus on this horrific event. If you have one to share or would like to write one for our blog, please email us at

1. The Boston Marathon: All My Tears, All My Love
2. Erik Rush, Conservative Columnist, Makes Muslim Joke After Boston Marathon Explosions
3. Prayers for Boston & for an End to Racist Backlash
4. A Prayer for Boston
5. Boston Bombing Is a Tragedy, But Let’s Not Rush to Blame Muslims or People of Arabic Descent
6. God Weeps Over Boston Through Us
7. Responding to Boston With Holy Anger
8. Prayers for Boston and for an End to Racist Backlash
9. Terrorism and Privilege: Understanding the Power of Whiteness
10. Tea Party Nation Blames Boston Bombing On Obama, ‘Radical Islam’
12. Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American
13.Boston Marathon Editorial Cartoons
14.False comfort of the ‘T’ word: Patience in the aftermath of Boston
15.On gun control, courage in short supply
16. The Boston bombing produces familiar and revealing reactions
17. Separate, Unequal and More Violent
18.Remarks by the President at Interfaith Service in Boston, MA 
19. On Boston bombing, media are wrong – again
20. Jon Stewart Slams Media for Boston Bombing Stories
21. “On Boston & Violence: An Intimate Relationship” 
22. Boston Bombing Suspects’ Muslim Identity Provides Few Clues To Motivation For Bombing
23. The Boston Bombing Suspects Were Reared by Both Chechnya and America
24. Family’ Group Co-Opts Tragedy To Oppose ‘Sexual Liberalism’
25. Robert Robb: Reflections on the Boston Bombing
26. Why Should I Care That No One’s Reading Dzhokhar Tsarnaev His Miranda Rights? 
27. The Media and the ‘Dark-Skinned’ Men from Chechnya
28. Race, Religion and the Boston Marathon Bombing
29. Boston bombing: How Indian student Sunil Tripathi was wrongly identified as suspect
30. Religious Responses to Boston Bombing
31. Race, Religion and Terrorism in the Wake Of Boston
32. Who Bombed the Boston Marathon?
33. Is Boston Like Columbine?
34. Let’s Not Normalize This Thing Called ‘Terrorism’: A Conversation With Sohail Daulatzai
35. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev charged with using ‘weapon of mass destruction’
36. Why is Boston ‘terrorism’ but not Aurora, Sandy Hook, Tucson and Columbine?
37. Are the Tsarnaev brothers white?
38. Boston Bombing Aftermath: If It’s Not About Islam or Foreign Policy, Then What?
39. A Love of Hip-Hop Doesn’t Make a Terrorist
40. The Boston Bombing: Should Cameras Now Be Everywhere?
41. Boston Bombing Shocker: Naturalized Citizens Identify with Home Countries!
42. Hey, White Liberals: A Word On The Boston Bombings, The Suffering Of White Children, And The Erosion of Empathy
43. Why the faith of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects doesn’t matter, but yours does