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Paul Porter is the Editor of  RAP-REHAB

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In this way, mainstream rap is sort of like winning the white profit-power-privilege lottery. For one, the music helps to ensure that blacks will remain oppressed – since people can only overcome something they acknowledge and address, and few if any commercial rappers acknowledge or address the various forms of oppression facing the black community

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OUR COMMON GROUND Voice, Paul Porter is the Editor of  RAP-REHAB


"Someone could listen to that song and reasonably conclude that Biggie and his young partner are sociopathic criminals, not people who have been driven to desperate measures by structural racism and lack of access to educational, economic and employment opportunities.

And that’s dangerous. Because if you don’t understand the conditions that push normal people to engage in criminal behavior, then talk of ‘leaving n*ggas in the gutter for the bread and butter’ just reinforces stereotypes about the criminalblackman that racist whites have been trying to perpetuate since slavery tojustify their own crimes."

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