The American Revolution: Pages From a Negro Worker’s Notebook l James Boggs

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James Boggs (1919-1993) was an American political activist, auto worker and author. 


He was perhaps best known for authoring, The American Revolution: Pages from a Negro Worker’s Notebook in 1963. He was also an auto worker at Chrysler from 1940 until 1968. James was active in the far left organization, Correspondence Publishing Committee, led by C.L.R. James.  When Correspondence Publishing Committee suffered a split in 1955 and lost nearly half its membership, James and Grace Lee Boggs remained loyal to Correspondence Publishing Committee and an exiled C.L.R. James who advised the group from Britain. James Boggs was named the editor of their bi-monthly publication, also known asCorrespondence, in 1955. However, political differences with C.L.R. James over time would eventually lead Boggs to take control over Correspondence Publishing Committee in 1962 and continue publication independently for a couple of years. James Boggs’s many other works include Racism and the Class Struggle: Further Pages from a Black Worker’s Notebook (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1970) andRevolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century (with Grace Lee Boggs; New York: Monthly Review Press, 1974).


In later years, he would play an influential role in the radical wing of the civil rights movement and interacted with many of the most important civil rights activists of the day including Malcolm X, Ossie Davis, and many others.


James and Grace were married for forty years until his death in 1993.


“Conversation with James Boggs” 

A sample from the coming book "Conversation with James Boggs" By Kenneth Snodgrass – James Boggs, was strong African Man, Grass-roots fighter, Historian, Intellectual, Political Activist


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