Black Female Culture

black-woman-stressed-at-computerFor the last few months I have noticed a rise in propaganda designed to convince BW of their undesirability. This propaganda comes in many forms: social “science” surveys/ studies are the most popular, followed by articles on why you should worry that every non-BM that approaches you is only interested in your vagina (you know, because no other group of women have one), followed by articles on why BW should give unemployed, uneducated, ex-cons “a chance”, and if you don’t you are a “gold digging bitch”, followed by articles and videos on why BW are so evil and/or unattractive. Do I even need to mention rap “music”?

You may laugh and ask, who cares? Who would believe this nonsense?

Based on what I’ve seen, heard and read on several blogs, many impressionable young BW are believing it. Some of the older ones too. From what I can tell, these women…

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