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This Week on OUR COMMON GROUND Witnesses On the Bridge Florence L. Florence Tate FBI Most Wanted SecretaryMarch 2, 2013 10pm ET LIVEWitnesses On the Bridge: Fl…

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"Witnesses On the Bridge"

Florence L. Florence Tate FBI Most Wanted Secretary
March 2, 2013 10pm ET LIVE

Witnesses On the Bridge: Florence L. Tate, Civil Rights Activist, Journalist, and Press Secretary

She recounts Life from Days in Jim Crow South to the1984 Jesse Jackson Presidential Bid in New Memoir

Many would think becoming an octogenarian reserves one the right to rest on her laurels — but Florence L. Tate, 81, says, “There’s still work to be done.”

The former Civil Rights activist, Dayton Daily News reporter, and press secretary for the historic 1984 Jesse Jackson Presidential campaign has lived through seven decades of American epochs – and now she’s writing about her impressive experiences and achievements in a new memoir – tentatively titled, The FBI’s Most Wanted Press Secretary Opens Her Files on Civil Rights, the Black Power Movement, and Black Partisan Politics.

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