It is clear that a military operation has been unleashed against this American citizen. It is a popular protocol of war to hunt down friendly witnesses of war atrocities.



If you are unfamiliar with Christopher Dorner, you are either under the influence of a powerful narcotic, or you live in a cave with no access to television, computer or internet service. In any event, both the corporate propaganda machine (the mainstream media) and corporate security (law enforcement) have every interest in defining this man and his meaning for you.

What we know is that the 33 year-old former LAPD officer and former member of the Navy Reserve recently killed a police officer, the daughter of a former police officer and her fiance . We also know that this armed and dangerous man” has “declared war” on law enforcement officers, and even their family members.

Therefore Mr. Dorner is presented to us as a desperate madman on the run who will inevitably meet a most violent end at the hands of the law enforcement agents chasing him across the “Big…

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