King in my Life l Personal Reflection of a Freedom Fighter l National King Day 2013

King in my life

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When I was young I was confused about the King’s approach of non-violence. I believed that it accomplished very little but to “split the wood”. As I approach my more years, I began to really look at the question of “What are we after?” And in those thoughts I was able to grasp what King meant and the lessons learned. I am grateful to have struggled to that place. So tomorrow, if some young person asks me what did King hope to accomplish, I can reply that he hoped to accomplish a seismic shift in the way America sees and understands itself. He hoped to achieve a more courageous and visionary people within our community. He hoped to illuminate the untruth by saying the lies, and pointing to the truth.

Non-violence is not the absence of fight, it is a fight against wrong with rage and repeal, while walking on the path to a justice against the deeds. Leaving the perpetrators, instead of injured, to suffer in the shadow of their wrong doing .

Joining people of HOPE and Justice on January 21st in celebrating one of the world’s foremost human rights leaders, who stopped the world for a minute. Celebrate the real King.

Janice Graham, OUR COMMON GROUND Media and Communications

One thought on “King in my Life l Personal Reflection of a Freedom Fighter l National King Day 2013

  1. Well said. Non-violence is an active force for good. I like that.

    I chose to write today on the racism that was and still is prevalent among some white Midwesterners. It’s called “Was He Only Dreaming?: Hoosier Perspectives on Martin Luther King”. I’d love for you to check it out and tell me what you think.


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