OUR COMMON GROUND 2013 Season Begins February 2, 2013


2013 Season




SATURDAY, February 2, 2013   10 pm ET




 The 2013 SEASON

SATURDAY   February 2, 2013    10 pm ET





We hope that you will join us as we kick off our 2013 Season of LIVE Broadcast. This season, we focus on poverty, hunger, homelessness, prison and prisoners and mental health in Black America. Advancing our VOICE and our WILL. Building solutions in the context of respect for our people’s HISTORY and HOPE. Constructing the path for new law, new public policy and reparations in an on-going dialogue transforming our thinking and our living. It’s what we do on OUR COMMON GROUND.



OUR COMMON GROUND premiering the 2013 Season of LIVE Broadcasts February 2, 2013 – 10 pm ET

Live and Call-In

Broadcasting BRAVE BOLD and BLACK

Celebrating its 28th Year of Broadcast Excellence

Continuing the Legacy of bringing to our audiences the best of informed analysis, discourse, ideas, solutions to the pressing issues of Struggle of Black People.

OCG Meeting House Studios

“Where Friends come to Meet with Comrades”

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