STEALING BLACK CULTURE: The Black Church Robber Barons 09-25-10


Saturday, September 25, 2010 ~ 10 pm – Midnight ET

Sexuality,Homosexuality and Molestation

STEALING BLACK CULTURE: The Black Church Robber Barons

Why the Allegations against Mega-Church Leader Eddie Long Matters

Homophobia, Exploitation and Oppression in the Black church

Bishop Eddie Long, megachurch pastor and prosperity purveyor, has now been named in three separate lawsuits alleging sexual coercion of two young men in Atlanta, Georgia. Bishop Long, in the words of the Southern Poverty Law Center, “is one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement.”

In his book “Taking Over, ” Long described the event in more detail. He wrote that after seven years at New Birth, he was frustrated by its deacon board because it was “gripping the purse strings” of the church and “telling the man of God when to jump and how high.” He said he received a revelation from God, who encouraged him to get rid of the “ungodly governmental structure” at New Birth.

Prosperity vs Liberation Theology
“That was the day I became pastor, ” Long wrote. “Up until that time, I was the hired preacher . . . . ”

“The absolute fealty to leadership and the “man” of god, enforced with scriptures like “don’t touch God’s anointed” have left so many victims in their wake that it’s a wonder people bother to even go to church anymore. When you factor in the money people have put into ministries that pimp them out and put them down, that’s an abusive relationship predicated on loving God and paying to be close to “God’s representative.” If the Catholic church can’t get a pass on its sexual and pedophilia scandals, why should mega-church pastors?

The core issue however is “respectability.” The obsession with mainline and black prosperity churches to show well groomed African Americans as prosperous, good, heterosexual Christians has gutted the social justice message of urban black churches. President Obama has even bought into the message of “talking down to the folks” with messages about delinquent fathers and feeding kids Popeye’s for breakfast. Meanwhile, the activities of black church leaders in sexual scandals, including Jeremiah Wright, websites that track sexual abuse, and blogs concerning “policing” black church sexuality suggest that the don’t ask don’t tell policy about sexuality in any form in the black church is alive and well.”

Time for more honest discussion about sexuality,homosexuality and molestation in the Black Church.

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