post hoc Wednesday Night Open Mic

Our listeners have spoken and we are indeed listening.

On our Saturday night episodes of OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham, we constantly provide analysis, examination, ideas and solutions of the most vigorous thought leaders in America. Scholars, authors, journalists and activists with long-records of working for and searching for a way forward to a more informed Black community. They provide information, credible research, insight and vision about our struggle, living as an oppressed people inside a democracy articulated, offered but denied. Many times we are unable to take your calls as much as we want. This OPEN MIC Night is an opportunity to give our listeners more time to chime in on what our guests have to say. Listener POV is important.

OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham began broadcasting in 1985. Since we have been committed to the proposition that Black people in this country require information which is filtered through a lens that respects the importance of history, centuries of governmental negligence and betrayal, and the human toll of many Black generations. We offer our broadcasts, host guests, and engage with our listeners as a place of sanctuary to respect and lift up their truth. Heartbreaking politics, socio-economic realities, structural racism in every facet of Black lives. Our truth is formed through our experience as a people, mass incarceration of our Brother and Sisters; intentional miseducation of our children, state-sanctioned and legal murdering under law; medical, environmental, and employment justice. The duality of our citizenship, agency requires specialized filters honed from living, studying, and listening. We see Amerikka, and we have been its dilemma, savior, and visionary. We call what we speak, “Black Truth”.

Join us to ‘speak Truth to Power and Ourselves’. In the sanctuary where Black Truth is spoken and respected.


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OUR COMMON GROUND with Janice Graham

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