Stacey Dash and the Psychology of Puppets

Slick-thinking media operatives adopted this technique a few years ago. And there have always been black marionettes willing to be the mouthpiece for anti-black elements embedded within the power structure.Stacey Dash—the bronzed-skinned backwash from the conservative spit cup—resurfaced Thursday to chime in on Jesse Williams’ BET Awards speech, calling him a “Hollywood plantation slave.”Dash fits in a long line of black celebrities ever so willing to contort themselves to always fit on the good side of the anti-black, conservative argument. But she’s not the only one.I know this sounds like a conspiracist’s hypothesis, but ask yourself this: Do you think there is a single American who takes Don Lemon seriously as a journalist? Does he possess some irreplaceable charisma that people clamor for when he reads the teleprompter or delivers his inane commentary?

Source: Stacey Dash and the Psychology of Puppets