The Fear of Black Men: A Pathology, A Culture

Black Millennials

By Brother Victorious

America has always controlled and led its people by perpetuating ignorance and fear. Whether the WWII propaganda of the Japanese, the hyper-sensualized Arab terror threat, or stripping enslaved African people of their culture upon their arrival, ignorance and fear has always been the most efficient tool. In the present day, popular media limits the true history of entire ethnic and cultural groups to ensure that citizens remain docile and lack self-empowerment, while feeding them ten second sound bites of celebrity opinions, who are highly unqualified to speak on the complex racial issues. This idea of American ignorance is becoming harder to prove because many believe they are experts, simply based on their own human experience. Though living does give one some sense of practical understanding, I disagree that it gives one the ability to assert facts.

Due to fear and ignorance that America has birthed, an age-old…

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