Black Masculinism and New Black Masculinities

“I don’t advocate for male privilege. I advocate for men.” – Dr. T. Hasan Johnson Created by Dr. T. Hasan Johnson of CSU Fresno’s Africana Studies Program, the concept of Bl…


Gaining from Institutionalized Hatred

This hatred doesn’t come out of nowhere. People profit from the institutionalized hatred of Black men, most particularly law enforcement, media, and the bourgeois intelligentsia. Police departments and private/public prisons benefit from the hatred of Black males. The militarization of the police since the 1960s has made it profitable to be in law enforcement. Private and public prisons not only benefit from grants and federal (taxpayer) dollars, they often trade on the stock market, meaning people literally invest in the warehousing and forced labor of Black males, many of whom have been provided such an atrocious education (with no viable job options) for so many decades that their imprisonment is damned-near inevitable.

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