“Dispatch from Amerikka” l Dr. Tommy J. Curry l LIVE l Detroit , the Border and the Gaza

“Dispatch from Amerikka” l  Dr. Tommy J. Curry l  LIVE  l Detroit , the Border and the Gaza 

"Dispatch from Amerikka" l  Dr. Tommy J. Curry l  LIVE  l Detroit , the Border and the Gaza 

ABOUT Dr. Tommy J. Curry

Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University

Tommy J. Curry’s work spans across the various fields of philosophy, jurisprudence, Africana Studies, and Gender Studies. Though trained in American and Continental philosophical traditions, Curry’s primary research interests are in Critical Race Theory and Africana Philosophy. In Critical Race Theory, Curry looks at the work of Derrick Bell and his theory of racial realism as an antidote to the proliferating discourses of racial idealism that continue to uncritically embrace liberalism through the appropriation of European thinkers as the basis of racial reconciliation in the United States. In Africana philosophy, Curry’s work turns an eye towards the conceptual genealogy (intellectual history) of African American thought from 1800 to the present, with particular attention towards the scholars of the American Negro Academy and the Negro Society for Historical Research.

In Biomedical ethics, Curry is primarily interested government regulation, the ethical limits of government intervention in the practice of medicine, and democratic potentialities that arise from collaborative doctor-patient diagnoses and regenerative medicine like stem cells. Currently his research focuses on the linking the conceptualization of ethics found in the Belmont Report to Civil Rights and social justice paradigms.

One thought on ““Dispatch from Amerikka” l Dr. Tommy J. Curry l LIVE l Detroit , the Border and the Gaza

  1. Racism Is Systmatic and You can only fight it with a counter system that promotes the opposite of discrimination and injustice.

    For once, can we try something that works and still listening to and following the usual suspects who call for protests and marches in response to injustice against Black African American People. It is a mark of insanity to keep doing the same things and expecting a different outcome. We need a National Black Empowerment Plan like The Quiet Resolution (TQR, Inc.)

    Charles E. Campbel

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