Sex and the single black woman

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IMAGINE that the world consists of 20 men and 20 women, all of them heterosexual and in search of a mate. Since the numbers are even, everyone can find a partner….

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

"The skewed sex ratio “puts black women in an awful spot,” says Audrey Chapman, a relationship counsellor and the author of several books with titles such as “Getting Good Loving”. Her advice to single black women is pragmatic: love yourself, communicate better and so on. She says that many black men and women, having been brought up by single mothers, are unsure what role a man should play in the home. "

Dr. Nathan Hare Nathan Hare , the esteemed professor of sociology, culture and the body politic commented about this article on his facebook page:

" I used to make this point in my sociology classes at Howard in the mid 1960s. Monogamy assumes that a one to one sex ratio will exist (courtesy of Thembisa Mshaka). The post brilliantly brings to mind that even when there is, one person may be wanted by more than one, another by none."

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