OUR COMMON GROUND Voice Jeffery B. Perry l “Hubert Harrison & Invention of the White Race”

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The website maintained by Jeffrey B. Perry the biographer of Hubert Harrison and literary executor of Theodore W. Allen (author of “The Invention of the White Race”).

OUR COMMON GROUND Omnibus‘s insight:

OUR COMMON GROUND Voice, Jeffrey B. Perry is an independent, working-class scholar formally educated at Princeton, Harvard, Rutgers, and Columbia.

His work focuses on the role of white supremacy as a retardant to progressive social change and on the centrality of struggle against white supremacy to progressive social change.

For forty years Perry has been active in the working class movement as a rank-and-file worker and as a union shop steward, officer, editor, and retiree. He has also been involved in domestic and international social justice issues including affirmative action, union democracy, and anti-apartheid, anti-war, and anti-imperialist work.

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