Phantom Negro Weapons

. . . and yet, we are still not free.


Phantom Negro Weapons are those weapons which White Americans report black people having but which are never found for some strange reason. Even trained police officers report them. They are greatly feared by the white community, probably due to their magical properties:


  • Cloaking – they disappear just before a police search but magically reappear afterwards. This makes blacks particularly dangerous.
  • Shapeshifting – these weapons can change form into something else, like a mobile phone or a wallet (pictured).
  • Non-photographic – they do not appear on film or video when they assume a deadly form. Black people cannot see them in that form either – just white people.
  • Lethal only to blacks – who possess them or stand near them (see below for examples). They are incapable of wounding white flesh.

Related phenomena: phantom black assailants.


  • 1999: Amadou Diallo – shot 41 times, hit 19 times, died. His gun…

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