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Shirley Verrett Anointed Audiences with Her Magic

A Magnificent Diva Departs the Stage

I will never forget the performance by Shirley Verrette which I attended in London during the Christmas holidays in 1981.  I hadn’t really wanted to go because it was my twins Samori and Makeda’s first Christmas.  Nevertheless I had to fly to London on the 27th, because I was trying to put together a boxing match for the Undisputed Middle Weight Championship of the world between the champ “Marvelous Marvin” Hagler, and challenger “Sugar Ray” Leonard, Olympic Gold Medalist and Undisputed World Welter-Weight Champion. I had to be there because all of the potential investors would be in the city on holiday.

Me and My Partners Meet With Sugar Ray in New York

Just Before Departing for London

As it turned out my London host Mr. Henry Faulkner, head of the Euro-Investment Group, was an…

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