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America’s 50 Worst State Legislatures

Because it’s never good when your state’s greatest legislative achievement is “WrestleMania Appreciation Week.”

—By Tim Murphy | Wed Dec. 5, 2012 3:03 AM PST


Library of Congress

Mitt Romney was channeling former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis when he gushed, at the first presidential debate in Denver, that “states are the laboratory of democracy.”

Perhaps he meant meth labs.

Still under the influence of the 2010 conservative landslide, state lawmakers over the last 12 months alternatively sought to ban abstract concepts, combat invisible threats, and generally strip away rights from the constituents who sent them to their respective chambers. In a year in which Washington was synonymous with inaction, America’s state legislatures offered the best possible argument for gridlock. After all, sometimes getting things done can be a lot worse than the alternative.

No statehouse was immune from crazy. But a few stood out above the rest. Here’s a quick look at the worst of the worst. Rankings are purely scientific:

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