Watch: Brutal Arrest of Arizona State University Professor

Arizona’s 3TV on Saturday released disturbing video footage of an encounter between a black female Arizona State professor and a white campus police officer last month, which turned brutal after she asked why she was being stopped.


If I hear another ASU rep say that the university takes diversity seriously I’m gonna punch somebody in the throat. sweat2gawd. who beats up a university prof because they won’t appease the ego of some small time campus policemen. This ain’t got a damn thing to do with laws or criminal behavior. This is about racial power. Who has it and who doesn’t. That cop, Stewart Ferrin, wanted to show Ersula who was boss and did. The university co-signed his barbarity without as much as a cursory investigation. Now, they are saying, surprise surprise, they are planning to conduct an independent one. Why the change of heart? Because they are now under surveillance. And yet they continue to hold fast to their narrative and stand with the ASU policeman’s account. People keep asking me do I know Ersula. I’ve never met her but she is MY sista and YOUR sista too. She is an American citizen. She is a human being that should be treated with respect and dignity. She committed no crime other than having the audacity to demand respect. She was uppity, in other words and now finds herself fighting to stay out of prison!! Respect for diversity my ass!

– OUR COMMON GROUND Voice, Dr. David Ikard