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RACE SUMMIT by Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference

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The race problem in the United States …has been a visible or invisible factor in almost every important question of domestic policy since the foundation of the Government.”

— Charles Hamilton Houston, 1934 — In the legacy of the Negro Convention Movement of the 1800’s and the Pan Africanist Movement of the 1900’s, we are convening a National Summit on Race, to spin, broadly, along four (4) axes: consultation, documentation, declaration and actualization. We invite those who share our belief that the unresolved issues of race and disparate consequences of white privilege in this nation have dire consequences for the country’s future and the world. We seek to create a space—for a deliberative process among scholars, activists, professionals in many fields and faith leaders—to generate recommendations for an historic course correction around America’s racial future. This process will provide a framework for linking our struggles across the Diaspora and beyond.For More Informationhttp://www.racesummit.org/  

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