Freedom Note from OUR COMMON GROUND Φ April 3, 2014

ocgmainlogoHistory is sneaking up on us. That is what Rachel Maddow is telling us tonight. From Co-Intel Pro, to NSA, to Wall Street Banking scams, to all the truths we know, those especially that we were not supposed to know as citizens, has it made much difference ? That Fred Hampton was murdered in his bed or our history glimmers with thousands of Black landowners who have been burned out of their homes, businesses and land; or that a brutal slavery system was the economic embelishment foundation of this nation’s economy as it built to become a super-power. These truths have not been enough in our knowing. It informs what a knowing is and teaches us that “knowing” and repeating the truth does not have any authentic power. We are baiting into believing that knowing the truth, having the knowing is something. Something useful that builds our lives, invigorates our intelligence and changes us in some way. It does not. What is does is levitates us to a place and while there we seek and keep following the golden glitter, looking to the morphing disappearance of worthy dreams. In a whisper, we do not question “our knowing”. So they lied . . . how is that different now from then ? :sigh:


One thought on “Freedom Note from OUR COMMON GROUND Φ April 3, 2014

  1. Knowing may increase understanding…but is no guarantee of being able to rectify the situation! As you say, knowledge without power or ways to use that knowledge to the good…may sharpen our prayers…but doesn’t necessarily lead to anything different happening!


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